Insurance Review – The Roads We Travel

Insurance Review – The Roads We Travel

Spring is well on its way and the summer months will be fast approaching, there will be many roads which we will travel throughout this year and the years ahead. Have you taken time for an insurance review?

Some of the views on our journeys are so breathtaking that we have to stop, sit down and enjoy the moment. As we travel down the roads of life, it is a good idea to reflect on where we have been and where we are going.

At Big Pine Insurance Agency, our agents are here to help you do an insurance review to reflect on where you have been and what financial destination goals you have planned for the future.

Insurance Review Questions

Here are a few insurance review questions we can help you reflect on:

  • What have you built up over the years in real estate, retirement funds, savings, etc.? In other words, what is your total net worth?
  • Despite all the roads traveled on to build up your net worth, will one accident, fire, death, disability or long term care need wipe it all out because you lacked the proper insurance coverages?
  • Do you have the right insurance coverages to provide you the peace of mind that will allow you to enjoy many more breathtaking vistas on the roads you will travel down in the future?

I started my journey in the insurance industry in 1999. Over the years, I have met with hundreds of clients who have shared with me incredible awe inspiring journeys. I have met with a war hero who’s journey inspired millions of Americans and others throughout the world, teachers who have inspired students to succeed, big equipment operators that build our roads and millionaires who have successfully navigated through the tricky roads of financial success.

After meeting hundreds of people through the past 17 years and having clients share their life’s disasters and success with me, I have learned that we all have common goals in life. Those who financially prepared for the unforeseen trials of life got back on the road much quicker and continued to enjoy the journey. The clients who did not prepare or have the proper insurance protection either did not get back on their feet financially and/or took much longer to financially recover so they could continue to enjoy the journey ahead.

Let us help you build and protect your financial home. The right coverages can give you peace of mind as you enjoy the breath taking vistas ahead of you.

Kevin Hatton
Owner/Agent at Big Pine Insurance Agency

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