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Wherever you live, be it south in St. George to Provo, Salt Lake City or north in Logan, we will help you protect your family pet.  Pet insurance can protect against the rising cost of veterinary expenses in case your pet gets sick or injured. Protect your pet and your bank account with pet insurance in Utah. Start your quote today!


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Pet Insurance Utah: Why do I need pet insurance?

In the first place, pets are family. When they get sick or injured, you want to do everything possible to help them feel better. After all the family pet can put a big smile on our face and they remind us of what’s most important in life – friendship and family. However, large unexpected vet bills are very costly and often result in financial hardship. If you are faced with financial hardship, you may be forced to say no to medical treatment for your pet. No one wants to make decisions about care for their cat or dog. In fact that’s why pet insurance for our family dog or cat is so important.

Pet Insurance Utah: Is Pet Insurance worth the premium cost?

Like all insurance products, pet insurance is about evaluating the risk of financial hardship. In other words, it’s a question of do you want the risk of covering a large vet bill? Or Rather than carrying the risk yourself, is it be better to transfer your pet’s health risk to the insurance company? With this in mind, below are common health conditions that your family pet may incur:

Stomach Issues

Notably, stomach issues for cats in dogs is the most common condition that pet owners may need their local vet to treat. Pets often chew and swallow foreign objects that can cause some serious stomach issues. The diagnosis of stomach issues using CT Scan, X-Ray, Endoscopy, Ultrasound etc. can potentially cost  thousands of dollars.

Skin Conditions

Symptoms for skin conditions are easy to notice. You can tell when your cat or dog is irritated by the scratching, licking and overall discomfort expressed by your family pet. On average most skin irritations are easy to treat and not very expensive. However, on going treatment for these common conditions for cats and dogs can quickly add up. Adding pet preventative care endorsement to your pet insurance policy can soften the blow to your personal budget.

Ear & Eye Conditions

Just as humans ears and eyes get irritated, our pets ears and eyes can get irritated and infected. In general, treatment can be a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars for permanent solutions like eye operations. Again, in addition to pet insurance consider optional endorsement for preventative care for your family pet.

Growth, Lump, Kidney and Heart Conditions

Overall these are some of the more serious conditions in cats and dogs. Diagnosis often includes biopsies and other expensive test to discover the condition your pet is suffering from. Treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, etc. can often cost thousands of dollars to treat you dog or cat. Should your pet have a serious condition you will most definitely be glad you have a pet insurance policy. Major conditions can often cost thousands of dollars to treat.

Pet Insurance Utah: What does pet insurance cover?

Notably, it is always important to review the insurance policy documents to determine what is covered or not covered in your pet insurance policy. Generally speaking, pet insurance is designed to cover accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions and behavioral issues. Most pet insurance policies will not cover pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures, breeding cost or liability exposures.

Optional coverages can also be added on to many pet insurance policies. For example you may want to consider preventive care for wellness exams, spaying or neutering, flea/heartworm prevention, deworming, etc.

Customers can purchase pet insurance through Big Pine Insurance Agency in Utah, Arizona and Idaho. Insurance coverage is through Safeco who has partnered with Hartville Pet Insurance. Start your quote online or call our office at 801.607.5241 for important facts and insurance plan highlights.